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Nahum (First Edition)

book coverIn its wanton celebration of violence, the book of Nahum poses ethical challenges to the modern reader. O’Brien offers the first full-scale engagement with this dimension of the book, exploring the ways in which the artfulness of its poetry serves the book’s violent ideology, highlighting how its rhetoric attempts to render the Other fit for annihilation. She then reads from feminist, intertextual and deconstructionist angles and uncovers the destabilizing function of the book’s aesthetics. Finally, she demonstrates how mining Nahum’s ambiguities and tensions can contribute to an ethical response to its violence.

The Yahweh/Baal Confrontation and Other Studies in Biblical Literature and Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Emmett Willard Hamrick

Essays in this volume include: “When Religions Collide: The Yahweh/Baal Confrontation”, Lawrence E. Toombs; “Isaiah 40-55: A New Creation, A New Exodus, A New Messiah”, John I. Durham; “Historical Inquiry as Liberator and Master: Malachi As A Post-Exilic Document”, Julia M. O’Brien; “Problems of The Semitic Background of The New Testament”, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.; “Tell El-Hesi: What’s in A Name?” Jeffrey A. Blakely and Fred L. Horton, Jr.; “Bathing in the Face of the Enemy: A Late Byzantine Bath Complex in Field E Of The Joint Expedition To Caesarea Maritima”, Fred L. Horton, Jr.