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Follow-up to Religion at the Grocery Store Post

I ended my last post with a research question:  how much religion would I see reflected in the book/magazine section of my suburban supermarket?

I was surprised not to find very much.  There was, of course, a Golden Books display, complete with The Pokey Little Puppy.


There were a few Chicken Soup for the .... books, and at least one by Joyce Meyer.  But no Bibles that I could find, and no Christian romance novels.   That was interesting, since there’s a rack of Amish-themed romances right near the cash register at my local CVS drug store.  (I’ll have to post of picture of  that.)  I did find one book with “Bible” in the title, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.


There was no shortage of American flags, especially since tomorrow is the Fourth of July.

I didn’t include in this research the tabloids at the checkout or the greeting cards.  Those will come another day.  As will a look at Walmart and KMart for popular religiosity.

By the way, I found that the Goya island had been substantially expanded:  it still wasn’t marked in any way, but it also remained in separate from other aisles.






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