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Joshua in Ancient and Contemporary Perspectives

I’ve just encountered powerful curriculum on Joshua.  It’s entitled Joshua:  A Journey of Faith and is the 2009-2010 Horizons Bible Study for Presbyterian women.

The primary author is Mary Mikhael, President of Near East School of Theology in Beirut (NEST).  The editor is W. Eugene March, professor emeritus from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.


Its nine lessons not only explain Joshua in its ancient context but reflect deeply on what the holy war and land claims of Joshua mean for the contemporary Middle East–and for contemporary Christians around the world.   It offers solid information, thoughtful discussion questions, and effective graphics. Although it is designed for lay Bible study, I’ll incorporate some of the material into  my LTS class on Violence and the Bible this spring.

I’ve visited NEST several times as part of our seminary’s cross-cultural program and always have  been impressed with Mary’s gracious but determined manner.  I now have even more to appreciate about her–as well as another excellent example of contextual Bible studies to share with seminary students.

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