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Moses Bigger than Jesus? Let the Action Figures Decide

In his book America’s Prophet:  Moses and the American Story, Bruce Feiler makes a bold claim: “Moses is bigger than Jesus.”

Feiler’s argument is about the relative influence of these two great figures on the North American psyche.  But there’s another way to evaluate the powers of these men: by comparing their action figures.

First, there’s Moses.

moses-box-sm moses-sm

Moses’ stats on the back of the box list his accomplishments, as well as the powers of his weapon, the staff.

box-back-sm box-weapons-sm

Moses is Liberator, Prophet, Lawgiver, Historian. His weapon does incredible things.

Then, there’s Jesus.

jesus-box-sm jesus-sm

The description on the back of his box is more measured.

jesus-box-back-sm jesus-box-bk-detail-sm

Jesus comes with no weapons but he with signs of his miracles–loaves and fishes and a wine jug–as well as a backdrop.

loaves-fis-sm wine-jar-smjesus-scene-sm

Jesus also has glow-in-the-dark hands, which didn’t show up well in my photography.

Based on their action figures, I’m not sure who wins.


Unlike Moses, Jesus doesn’t get weapons, but then again he doesn’t need them to work his miracles.  Moses’ staff has special powers, but Jesus himself has special powers. Moses is listed with more superlatives, but more religions seem to have opinions about Jesus (though they seem only to agree that “Jesus was an extraordinary man”).

To settle this, I thought about bringing in the Pope Pius action figure that belongs to my colleague, but I thought that would be rigging the fight.


2 Responses to Moses Bigger than Jesus? Let the Action Figures Decide

  • Moses TOTALLY wins this one. C’mon what was Jesus’ public ministry…3-4 years? You know how old Moses was before he died? And when he said “You’ll have to rip this staff from my cold, dead, hands” you know the people of God shouted for joy and cried like never before. And then, when he was in that chariot race in Rome – clearly he was resurrected. Not only was he a fantastic racer…

    Dear denominational adjudicatory – the previous comment was completely kidding. Jesus by a mile.

  • Moses also had a sweet video game come out for the original Nintendo.


    He could shoot the Word of God from his staff! I only got to level 4 or 5.

    It was epic…;D

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