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Reading the Bible in High Schools

An excerpt from my Reading the Bible as an Adult project was republished (with modifications) in the Sept. 09 edition of Teaching the Bible, an e-pub for high school teachers provided by the Society of Biblical Literature.

The SBL initiative seeks to provide thoughtful, appropriate materials for teachers of high school Bible electives.  The site offers links to guidelines for teaching about the Bible and religion in a diverse classroom.

My article, Mind the Gap, helps readers pay attention to what biblical narrators leave out, especially their refusal to reveal the motivations for characters’ actions–what they are thinking, feeling, and intending to accomplish with their speech and behaviors.  Of course, readers always fill in those gaps in order to make sense of the story.  That makes talking about our perceptions of biblical characters all the more interesting–since in observing what information we add to a story we learn about ourselves and our similarities and differences with others.

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