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Scary Gender Roles

Over at the Lingamish blog, David Ker has been talking about marriage and about gender roles within it.

He describes his own position as complementarian, though to read his description of complementarianism you wouldn’t know he’s talking about the same thing as many other folks.  Traditionally, complementarianism has argued that women and men have natural, God-given roles that complement one another:  women are designed by God to bear and raise children and to accept the authority of their husbands, while men are designed by God to lead–in home, church, and society.  Men and women may be equal in God’s eyes, say complementarians, but their roles are determined by God and are not the same.  Complementarianism offers a way to claim that scripture treats women and men equally while still denying to women roles of authority over men. The Visionary Daughters, for example, espouse this understanding of gender roles.  (see my blog post)

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Five Months Into My Project

When I started my website and blog, it was to help launch a larger project— one originally called The Bible for Book Clubs and now Reading the Bible as an Adult. My hope was that addressing diverse topics on the blog would attract people to the site; once there, they would then learn about my project of reading the Bible as literature that engages life questions. Now, five months into the process, foreground and background are shifting.

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