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Summer 2013, Lancaster Theological Seminary Summer Academy

“Were the Biblical Prophets Social Activists?”

The biblical prophets, especially Amos and Micah, are often heralded as advocates for social justice. Is that a fair use of the prophetic tradition of the Bible?  What do the prophetic books suggest about social change? In this course, we’ll consider where our assumptions about the prophets come from and look carefully for ourselves at what Amos, Micah, and selected other prophets have to say about social justice.  In conversation with biblical scholars, peers, and the needs of diverse communities, students will formulate their own understandings of the contemporary relevance of these books.

Fall 2013, Lancaster Theological Seminary

“Homosexuality and the Bible”

This course seeks to advance students’ ability to analyze and contribute constructively to discussions about the role of the Bible in developing a Christian understanding of homosexuality. It explores four key areas of the topic: (1) ancient and modern constructions of sexuality and gender; (2) the theory and practice of biblical authority; (3) historical, literary, and ideological dimensions of key biblical texts; and (4) the role that culture and orientation play in interpretation.

  • “Introducing the Old Testament”
  • “Reading Hebrew”

Spring 2014, Lancaster Theological Seminary

  • “Sacred Stories: Reading the Bible as/with Literature”


Recently Taught Classes, Lancaster Theological Seminary

  • “Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament” (online)
  • “Women and the Bible”
  • “Violence and the Bible”


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